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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Are white westerners finally done with guilt?

When Hillary Clinton made her now-famous speech about the alt-right, accusatory slurs just came flying one after the other: racist, sexist, xenophobe, islamophobe, and everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into the mix. 

Apparently Hillary thought alt-right was too narrow a target, so then she attacked Trump supporters in general by throwing the same slurs and calling them the deplorable basket. Later on she tried to whitewash her sayings by pretending as if she only meant some portion of Trump's supporters, not the whole bunch, but nobody was conviced.

This isn't an American thing or something to do with only the presidential election. This is a global phenomenon: the elite using slurs to guilt the public into submission. In my home country of Finland it's pretty much an everyday thing: the so-called intellectuals call us hicks, white trash, racists, scum and autistic, because we see certain issues with importing an endless amount of believers from primitive cultures into our open, western society.

And the white trash scum even has the audacity to complain when their daughters are raped, their grannies robbed and they're paying for the whole show while facing austerity measures themselves! Why don't they just play nice and pick up the bill quietly? That is basically the mentality with these rich guilt-trippers who will never have to face the consequences of multiculturalism themselves.

White westerners have been guilt-ridden for decades, and now they're getting fed up with being the only ones who still have to repent for sins committed centuries ago by people with the same skin tone. Whites have been at the bottom of the barrel. Our race is the only one you can openly want to wipe from the earth without any consequence, and we are the only people who don't have the right to maintain our culture, way of life and racial identity. More and more people are realizing, that there's no future for us if we can't get over our past.

 That is why Trump is succeeding, and that is why far-right parties are rising in Europe. That is also why the guilt-trippers are so blood-thirsty now: they can see their strategy failing, and now they're playing hardball in some desperate attempt to get people to be ashamed and submit. You can just hear the frustration in their voices: "Didn't you hear me? I called you bad names and this is the point at which you should get ashamed, start explaining why you're not the slur I called you and stop disagreeing with me!"

This is absolutely delicious. These are the methods only the supporters of completely failed ideology would need to resort to. They are getting angrier and angrier, we're getting prouder and prouder.

I come from a very specific gene pool. Finns aren't really Europeans, but they aren't an Asian race either. They are a unique people with a unique history with their ties to it in both blood and culture, and you can't just cross the border and turn into a Finn. I want to see Finns succeed and live thei life in peace. I want them to have their own country, because no other place will ever be their true home. I want them to be able to defend their unique culture and ethnicity without guilt. The same goes for all nations: everyone has the right to protect their tribe and culture from destruction, and decide, who and what they are allowing to influence them.

You can slap any slur on that you like. I really don't give a shit.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Nazis are the legitimate children of multiculturalism

The fascist Golden Dawn -party is gaining ground fast in Greece. It's nice that they protest
uncontrollable immigration, but does this remind you of something?
Now it's been achieved what was long thought impossible: the far right is making a continent-wide rise in Europe. Everyone believed it wouldn't happen again, given the inconvenient history we Europeans have with those ideologies. I'm happy to see immigration-critical presidential candidates and parties succeed, but some aspects of this phenomenon are simply scary. Yes, we need to fight against the migrant invasion, but at what price? Is it truly better to live in a fascist state than it is in an islamic state? No kind of totalitarianism sounds tempting to me.

How did all this happen? The answer is simple: the multiculturalists did it. They chose to ignore human nature and now we are seeing the consequences. If you tell a multiculturalist that clashes, suspicion, racism and even war or genocide will arise if you place too different groups within the same area, their answer is that it shouldn't be so. People should be tolerant, we shouldn't be prejudiced or suspicious, everyone on the planet should just play nice and there'd be no problems.

But there's a long way between what should be and what is. This is how ideologies fail, and we shouldn't be surprised because this is how it always goes down: a doomed, impractical ideology arises somewhere, people fall for the promises of all the lovely things that will be achieved once the ideology reaches its climax, but reality will inevitably catch up to the ideologues. 

How long the ideology manages to survive and whether it'll surrender freely will define the damage done. Nazi-Germany chose the hard way: they held on until the very end, and the damage was terrible. The Soviet Union chose a midway solution: they softened their fall with policies that helped them to move on from the ideology. China chose the softest way: they gave up on the ideology in their economics in good time, so the damage they suffered was limited.

It's an inescapable fact, that multiculturalism is one of those failed ideologies, and now we need to soften our fall the best we can. If the influx of migrants continues, we'll turn into monsters. That's how it always goes when a foreign tribe invades another tribe's territory. People will try to play nice for as long as they can, but once it's their daughters harassed and raped, their relatives or friends dying in terrorist attacks or their own neighborhood turning terrible because of noisy, violent, disrespectful and messy foreigners, their instincts will tell them to fight back.

How far are we willing to let this go? Do we really have to take in monsters and make those of ourselves too to see, that we're going the wrong way?

Human nature can't be changed with trendy ideologies in a few years.

Groups with deeply different core values will clash if placed within close proximity of each other.

Islam has remained the same for 1400 years and no change looms in the horizon.

You wouldn't be able to assume islamic values. How could they assume ours through integration?

Taxpayers pay for immigration. No amount of "Europe is wealthy, we can afford it" will change that.

There are over a billion people living in extreme poverty and war zones. We can't take everyone in. 

And it's those realities we need to base our politics on, not lovely ideas of shoulda-woulda-coulda.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thanks, Britons: You gave us all hope

When I first saw the results of the British EU referendum, a weirdly exhilarated, victorious feeling got over me. It wasn't even my country, but I was so happy. It took a moment for me to realize what it was about: we won, for once! Us, the hate-speaking, racist, communist, nazi, fascist literally-hitlers won against all odds.

The EU elite, most of the government and the mainstream media were all against Brexit, trying to fear monger people into submission, but it didn't work. The little guy kept on and chose a future of democracy and independence over sheepish submission for momentary safety.

This was a much-needed moral lifter for the rest of us, too. Now we've seen it: they can be beaten. Demands for referendums of their own started in countries such as France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Finland. And this is something we really must do together to minimize the damage: If we all remained in the EU, we'd give up democratic decision making for this megalomaniac, elitist block.

If only some of us leave, so that some remain in the EU, it's create a grudge between those staying and those going, and it'll make building new relations tougher. But if we can bring the EU down in the next few years so that none of us remain there, we're free to create whichever relations we like without bad blood or division.

 Even though the EU has gotten the Nobel peace prize, it has sown so much grudge and discord among us. A great many Europeans hate the Greeks: they feel as though Greeks are the messed-up cousin who just can't get his things together. The bailout packages, have deepened a grudge that wouldn't even be there without the EU and euro-zone. Had the Greeks been outside it all, they could've taken Iceland's route out of the economic problems, but now they're stuck in a limbo with little hope. The union is bidding us against each other: we all think in terms of "payers" and "receivers", and how has that worked out for a more harmonious Europe?

 EU has also created this authoritarian mentality of uniformity. Europe's beauty lies in its small cultural differences, but EU needs assimilation to work. It has turned a lovely continent with honest relations into a burdensome social experiment that hangs like a stormcloud over us. The remain-camp is rambling about "loving Europe", which has nothing to do with the union. Europe isn't synonymous with the EU.

I hate the EU, but I do love Europe and its people. That is exactly why I am for destroying EU for good: I want myself and my fellow Europeans to have that life our ancestors tried to build us, but which we've squandered: that of the true European values of democracy, sovereign states, justice and equality.

It's going to be a rough road in the beginning, as we already knew. The markets have plunged but they'll recover. Europeans have gotten through so much worse, and we can get through the aftermath of EU too. It's never fun and easy fixing our past mistakes, and creating EU was a big one. But we'll pull through, just as we always have.

The British referendum has made such waves throughout world because of the same reasons it raised the exhilarated feeling in me: it gave people hope. For that, I'm deeply grateful to the British. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brexit-vote is a choice between momentary comfort and undying values

The British EU referendum is just a bit over a day away, and then we'll all just wait nervously for the result. We'll see which one wins: comfort or values. Because in the end, that's what this is about. 

EU has become the bad habit of its citizens. The remain camp keeps saying how it'll be so much work to renegotiate everything, how it'll be a jump into the unknown to choose to withdraw from the union. Yes it is, but it's necessary.

We'd hear similar arguments from a drug addict who doesn't want to quit his bad habit. Every day that addict has to make a choice: either he'll prioritise a moment of comfort over long-term benefit by taking his dose, or he can face the consequences of his actions, face that passing discomfort and get a chance to a new, free life.

That's exactly the position each of us are in. Staying in the EU would be giving up to our laziness and to our desire for momentary comfort. That'll be much like saying, "But it's so much work! Why can't we just lay back and let mom do it?". Leaving would take some courage and work just as independent life takes from each of us in our personal lives. But if having an independent and sovereign nation is an important value to you, going through some trouble to get there should be something you're ready to do.

If democracy is a core value to you, you should also be against the EU. In each nation the highest authority should always be the people of that nation, but EU makes that impossible. No matter what we want, we often simply have to obey what Brussels says.

The seat in the table -argument has no bearing in reality. One country doesn't have any influence in voting, and the idea is absurd from the start. You have the control over your own home and how you live in it. Would you exchange that for one of hundred seats in the table which decides for the entire town? Would you value more the complete independence you have in deciding how you eat, sleep and act, or having very little influence on both your own matters and your neighbors' matters?

The same goes with immigration policy: the EU wants to build a common asylum policy, which would mean them deciding who gets in. Would you rather decide for yourself who can stay at your home or have that one out of hundred seats to vote for the entire neighborhood? Exactly.

I've also heard many other ridiculous arguments, such as saying Britain has lots of regulation of its own, so why complain about the EU making petty regulation? OK, so how about I order you to eat, sleep and behave in a certain way in your own home. What's the difference in you deciding for yourself and me deciding, when you have to eat anyway? Of course our own regulation is a lesser evil, because we have the power to change that.

So it's time to choose: do you want temporary comfort which will lead to an antidemocratic, fascist and controlled future for your country or do you choose our European values of democracy, freedom, independence and justice? The second road will take you to a better place, but the start of it is rougher. I think independence and freedom are worth it.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Paperless migrants put in kindergartens and children's camps

Refuhome, a private business that houses migrants, advertises itself with these photos.

32 000 migrants flooded Finland in 2015. Crime rate among them is high, the fear regarding rapes and harassment has already been realized. Naturally taking in paperless, military-age men comes with a risk, but what would be the absolute last place you'd put these men in? Maybe a kindergarten?

Well, that's exactly where some Finns are putting these men. In the town of Mikkeli paperless migrants were employed to a day care center to give them something to do and help them integrate.

 If you're a Finnish person and seeking to work with children, you'll have to provide a copy of your criminal record to prove you're not dangerous, but even though everyone knows there's no way to make sure who these men even are, they're allowed near children.

Most migrants have tossed their papers before entering Finland. Many get rid of their ID to escape a criminal or terrorist past. According to the interior minister of Finland, Petteri Orpo, hundreds of migrants with terrorist ties have entered Finland in the last few months.

So in practice there's no way to even do a background check on them, but in Mikkeli they aren't even trying: the officials say they're not allowed to check the migrants' criminal records, which is full BS. They are fully allowed by the law, they just don't want to take responsibility.

The asylum seeker housing center, run by the Red Cross, took some migrant men for a visit to a church day care in Kangasala. The church workers even allowed the men to take photos of the children, which is against the law when done without a parent's permission.

One mother said she wasn't even informed of the migrant men coming there, she had only heard about it from her daughter. Her daughter had told her a migrant man had called her "beautiful" and said "he'll tell his friends about her". When confronted the vicar of Kangasala defended his decision by saying the migrants were merely visiting, not working there, as if that makes a difference.

The church called the visit "normal tolerance training" which is ludicrous. What exactly did they do? Take these grown men into the day care and tell the small children "Well here's brown people for you. Tolerate them." The Finnish immigration office Migri also commented on the situation on Twitter saying the visits are "a good way to get to know different cultures" and that the visits are ok to them.

Not once have all these people stopped to think about what's in the best interest of the children. They want these grown men to have something to do so they won't get bored in the centers and start fighting. They want to promote multiculturalism at any cost. 

It's more than risky to teach children grown, foreign men are their friends and someone to be trusted. Maybe these specific men are nice, but what about the rest? It's crazy we even have to point this out, but this is absolutely insane.

There's even an ugly precedent from Sweden: in Söderköping a camping trip between migrant men and Swedish teens led to charges after the migrants forced the young girls to strip down and recorded it.

 What would you do if you heard this guy was being allowed near your children?

Sources: YleTamperelainen,
Last picture from Mohaimen al-Zumadi's Facebook-page, other pictures are promotional photos of Refuhome, taken when they've sent migrants to a camp with Finnish children. Pictures were soon removed after public outcry but Paavo Tajukangas saved them and provided them for me.
The abuse case from Sweden: Corren.se

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Starting now!

This blog is here to tackle a very specific problem: when it comes to real issues such as the migrant crisis, far-left blunders, big government or the EU, the news supply is limited. Mainstream media won't publish anything negative, so we're left with local independent media. That can be a real drag unless you speak each and every European language, because most stories never end up on international sites using English.

I will be writing regular updates collecting the unpopular, fact-checked news and opinion posts on important issues. You can find me on Facebook at facebook.com/tiina.wiik and on Twitter with the handle @TuonenJoutsen. For my Finnish readers there's also the Tuonen Joutsen -blog with all your favorite racist-misogynist-shitlord noise.