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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Paperless migrants put in kindergartens and children's camps

Refuhome, a private business that houses migrants, advertises itself with these photos.

32 000 migrants flooded Finland in 2015. Crime rate among them is high, the fear regarding rapes and harassment has already been realized. Naturally taking in paperless, military-age men comes with a risk, but what would be the absolute last place you'd put these men in? Maybe a kindergarten?

Well, that's exactly where some Finns are putting these men. In the town of Mikkeli paperless migrants were employed to a day care center to give them something to do and help them integrate.

 If you're a Finnish person and seeking to work with children, you'll have to provide a copy of your criminal record to prove you're not dangerous, but even though everyone knows there's no way to make sure who these men even are, they're allowed near children.

Most migrants have tossed their papers before entering Finland. Many get rid of their ID to escape a criminal or terrorist past. According to the interior minister of Finland, Petteri Orpo, hundreds of migrants with terrorist ties have entered Finland in the last few months.

So in practice there's no way to even do a background check on them, but in Mikkeli they aren't even trying: the officials say they're not allowed to check the migrants' criminal records, which is full BS. They are fully allowed by the law, they just don't want to take responsibility.

The asylum seeker housing center, run by the Red Cross, took some migrant men for a visit to a church day care in Kangasala. The church workers even allowed the men to take photos of the children, which is against the law when done without a parent's permission.

One mother said she wasn't even informed of the migrant men coming there, she had only heard about it from her daughter. Her daughter had told her a migrant man had called her "beautiful" and said "he'll tell his friends about her". When confronted the vicar of Kangasala defended his decision by saying the migrants were merely visiting, not working there, as if that makes a difference.

The church called the visit "normal tolerance training" which is ludicrous. What exactly did they do? Take these grown men into the day care and tell the small children "Well here's brown people for you. Tolerate them." The Finnish immigration office Migri also commented on the situation on Twitter saying the visits are "a good way to get to know different cultures" and that the visits are ok to them.

Not once have all these people stopped to think about what's in the best interest of the children. They want these grown men to have something to do so they won't get bored in the centers and start fighting. They want to promote multiculturalism at any cost. 

It's more than risky to teach children grown, foreign men are their friends and someone to be trusted. Maybe these specific men are nice, but what about the rest? It's crazy we even have to point this out, but this is absolutely insane.

There's even an ugly precedent from Sweden: in Söderköping a camping trip between migrant men and Swedish teens led to charges after the migrants forced the young girls to strip down and recorded it.

 What would you do if you heard this guy was being allowed near your children?

Sources: YleTamperelainen,
Last picture from Mohaimen al-Zumadi's Facebook-page, other pictures are promotional photos of Refuhome, taken when they've sent migrants to a camp with Finnish children. Pictures were soon removed after public outcry but Paavo Tajukangas saved them and provided them for me.
The abuse case from Sweden: Corren.se

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