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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Are white westerners finally done with guilt?

When Hillary Clinton made her now-famous speech about the alt-right, accusatory slurs just came flying one after the other: racist, sexist, xenophobe, islamophobe, and everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into the mix. 

Apparently Hillary thought alt-right was too narrow a target, so then she attacked Trump supporters in general by throwing the same slurs and calling them the deplorable basket. Later on she tried to whitewash her sayings by pretending as if she only meant some portion of Trump's supporters, not the whole bunch, but nobody was conviced.

This isn't an American thing or something to do with only the presidential election. This is a global phenomenon: the elite using slurs to guilt the public into submission. In my home country of Finland it's pretty much an everyday thing: the so-called intellectuals call us hicks, white trash, racists, scum and autistic, because we see certain issues with importing an endless amount of believers from primitive cultures into our open, western society.

And the white trash scum even has the audacity to complain when their daughters are raped, their grannies robbed and they're paying for the whole show while facing austerity measures themselves! Why don't they just play nice and pick up the bill quietly? That is basically the mentality with these rich guilt-trippers who will never have to face the consequences of multiculturalism themselves.

White westerners have been guilt-ridden for decades, and now they're getting fed up with being the only ones who still have to repent for sins committed centuries ago by people with the same skin tone. Whites have been at the bottom of the barrel. Our race is the only one you can openly want to wipe from the earth without any consequence, and we are the only people who don't have the right to maintain our culture, way of life and racial identity. More and more people are realizing, that there's no future for us if we can't get over our past.

 That is why Trump is succeeding, and that is why far-right parties are rising in Europe. That is also why the guilt-trippers are so blood-thirsty now: they can see their strategy failing, and now they're playing hardball in some desperate attempt to get people to be ashamed and submit. You can just hear the frustration in their voices: "Didn't you hear me? I called you bad names and this is the point at which you should get ashamed, start explaining why you're not the slur I called you and stop disagreeing with me!"

This is absolutely delicious. These are the methods only the supporters of completely failed ideology would need to resort to. They are getting angrier and angrier, we're getting prouder and prouder.

I come from a very specific gene pool. Finns aren't really Europeans, but they aren't an Asian race either. They are a unique people with a unique history with their ties to it in both blood and culture, and you can't just cross the border and turn into a Finn. I want to see Finns succeed and live thei life in peace. I want them to have their own country, because no other place will ever be their true home. I want them to be able to defend their unique culture and ethnicity without guilt. The same goes for all nations: everyone has the right to protect their tribe and culture from destruction, and decide, who and what they are allowing to influence them.

You can slap any slur on that you like. I really don't give a shit.

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  1. "of Trump's supporters, not the whole bunch, but nobody was conviced."
    - Should read "convinced"

    "succeed and live thei life in peace."
    - Should read "their"

    "everyone has the right to protect their tribe and culture from destruction, and decide,"
    - "and then decide" sounds better

    See someone gave a shit :-)