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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thanks, Britons: You gave us all hope

When I first saw the results of the British EU referendum, a weirdly exhilarated, victorious feeling got over me. It wasn't even my country, but I was so happy. It took a moment for me to realize what it was about: we won, for once! Us, the hate-speaking, racist, communist, nazi, fascist literally-hitlers won against all odds.

The EU elite, most of the government and the mainstream media were all against Brexit, trying to fear monger people into submission, but it didn't work. The little guy kept on and chose a future of democracy and independence over sheepish submission for momentary safety.

This was a much-needed moral lifter for the rest of us, too. Now we've seen it: they can be beaten. Demands for referendums of their own started in countries such as France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Finland. And this is something we really must do together to minimize the damage: If we all remained in the EU, we'd give up democratic decision making for this megalomaniac, elitist block.

If only some of us leave, so that some remain in the EU, it's create a grudge between those staying and those going, and it'll make building new relations tougher. But if we can bring the EU down in the next few years so that none of us remain there, we're free to create whichever relations we like without bad blood or division.

 Even though the EU has gotten the Nobel peace prize, it has sown so much grudge and discord among us. A great many Europeans hate the Greeks: they feel as though Greeks are the messed-up cousin who just can't get his things together. The bailout packages, have deepened a grudge that wouldn't even be there without the EU and euro-zone. Had the Greeks been outside it all, they could've taken Iceland's route out of the economic problems, but now they're stuck in a limbo with little hope. The union is bidding us against each other: we all think in terms of "payers" and "receivers", and how has that worked out for a more harmonious Europe?

 EU has also created this authoritarian mentality of uniformity. Europe's beauty lies in its small cultural differences, but EU needs assimilation to work. It has turned a lovely continent with honest relations into a burdensome social experiment that hangs like a stormcloud over us. The remain-camp is rambling about "loving Europe", which has nothing to do with the union. Europe isn't synonymous with the EU.

I hate the EU, but I do love Europe and its people. That is exactly why I am for destroying EU for good: I want myself and my fellow Europeans to have that life our ancestors tried to build us, but which we've squandered: that of the true European values of democracy, sovereign states, justice and equality.

It's going to be a rough road in the beginning, as we already knew. The markets have plunged but they'll recover. Europeans have gotten through so much worse, and we can get through the aftermath of EU too. It's never fun and easy fixing our past mistakes, and creating EU was a big one. But we'll pull through, just as we always have.

The British referendum has made such waves throughout world because of the same reasons it raised the exhilarated feeling in me: it gave people hope. For that, I'm deeply grateful to the British. 

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  1. The EU referendum here in Great Britain made me feel proud to be British once more. Patriotism had evaded me for many years. It was not a vote by racist,ill-informed, unintelligent people as the press would have us believe, but a vote by a people tired of the same old elite making the same old decisions that only benefited them. People tired of having their hard won resources wasted. Its not about racism. Its about resources. Not having the resources to look after ourselves, let alone anyone else. If people want to be here they must adapt to our way of life and contribute to our system. I love Europe too. I love the differences between us all. We are all different but we are being homogenized! Multiculturalism just will not work. Im proud to be British. I want to be part of Europe. I dont want to be part of the EU. I dont want to be invaded by, and supporting Migrants.
    I love your Blog and your YouTube channel Tiina. I found you purely by chance and now Im addicted! A straight talking sensible woman is hard to ignore. Keep up the good work!
    All the best