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Friday, September 9, 2016

Nazis are the legitimate children of multiculturalism

The fascist Golden Dawn -party is gaining ground fast in Greece. It's nice that they protest
uncontrollable immigration, but does this remind you of something?
Now it's been achieved what was long thought impossible: the far right is making a continent-wide rise in Europe. Everyone believed it wouldn't happen again, given the inconvenient history we Europeans have with those ideologies. I'm happy to see immigration-critical presidential candidates and parties succeed, but some aspects of this phenomenon are simply scary. Yes, we need to fight against the migrant invasion, but at what price? Is it truly better to live in a fascist state than it is in an islamic state? No kind of totalitarianism sounds tempting to me.

How did all this happen? The answer is simple: the multiculturalists did it. They chose to ignore human nature and now we are seeing the consequences. If you tell a multiculturalist that clashes, suspicion, racism and even war or genocide will arise if you place too different groups within the same area, their answer is that it shouldn't be so. People should be tolerant, we shouldn't be prejudiced or suspicious, everyone on the planet should just play nice and there'd be no problems.

But there's a long way between what should be and what is. This is how ideologies fail, and we shouldn't be surprised because this is how it always goes down: a doomed, impractical ideology arises somewhere, people fall for the promises of all the lovely things that will be achieved once the ideology reaches its climax, but reality will inevitably catch up to the ideologues. 

How long the ideology manages to survive and whether it'll surrender freely will define the damage done. Nazi-Germany chose the hard way: they held on until the very end, and the damage was terrible. The Soviet Union chose a midway solution: they softened their fall with policies that helped them to move on from the ideology. China chose the softest way: they gave up on the ideology in their economics in good time, so the damage they suffered was limited.

It's an inescapable fact, that multiculturalism is one of those failed ideologies, and now we need to soften our fall the best we can. If the influx of migrants continues, we'll turn into monsters. That's how it always goes when a foreign tribe invades another tribe's territory. People will try to play nice for as long as they can, but once it's their daughters harassed and raped, their relatives or friends dying in terrorist attacks or their own neighborhood turning terrible because of noisy, violent, disrespectful and messy foreigners, their instincts will tell them to fight back.

How far are we willing to let this go? Do we really have to take in monsters and make those of ourselves too to see, that we're going the wrong way?

Human nature can't be changed with trendy ideologies in a few years.

Groups with deeply different core values will clash if placed within close proximity of each other.

Islam has remained the same for 1400 years and no change looms in the horizon.

You wouldn't be able to assume islamic values. How could they assume ours through integration?

Taxpayers pay for immigration. No amount of "Europe is wealthy, we can afford it" will change that.

There are over a billion people living in extreme poverty and war zones. We can't take everyone in. 

And it's those realities we need to base our politics on, not lovely ideas of shoulda-woulda-coulda.

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